Bouncin Bears of Texas

Open Jump

BOUNCIN’ BEARS of Texas will have open jump from 10am-7pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-8pm Fridays, 9am-8pm Saturday and 10am-6pm Sundays so that kids (and parents) can come in and just have some fun!!  Hours may vary, closing at 6pm for private parties Mon-Sat, 6pm Sunday. Please check our Facebook Page, Twitter account or voice mail (281-257-9696) for additional information on store hours. We also close early (5pm) every third Tuesday of the month for Special Needs Family Night. This includes during the summer. Our Special Needs Family Night is a priority for Bouncin Bears so therefore we carry the same schedule in the summer as well as during the holidays.

“EVERYONE MUST WEAR SOCKS.” This includes grandparents, friends, cousins twice removed. Your favorite aunt and uncle from Australia. EVERYONE MUST WEAR SOCKS. No bare feet, no shoes; socks must be worn at all times. If you have clean shoe covers you can wear those, but no dirty shoe covers. Defeats the purpose of taking your shoes off so that the floors stay clean.

No outside food or drinks. We have an all day pass, so if you need to leave for lunch, please keep your receipt and come on back. Exceptions to this rule is for scheduled/booked parties in our party rooms.

We suggest long sleeve shirts and pants to avoid "fun" burns on the elbows and knees.